You have killed God

It is said, children are a form of god. I think the same is believed by most people.
After hearing the attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan by terrorist of the group Tehrik-i-Taliban aka Taliban, who consider themselves as strict followers of God, I was shocked that they killed children in the attack.
Time after time, I keep reading news about schools being attacked by gunmen. So how is this different from that.
Most of the news we hear about school shootings are mostly done by people who are considered not right in their head.
They are supposed to be mentally ill and their violent actions are considered the act of madmen.
The same cannot be said about the attack on the school and subsequent killing of children by Taliban.
They are not madmen. They are fanatics. Some of them are even very intelligent.
They preach their religion with fervor and force. They abhor other religions and also people of their religion who do not follow their mandates.
They are not stupid. They are not insane. They are not idiots. They are not fools.
They are just plain evil.
They killed God.
It does not matter what religion they follow. I don’t know if there is a God or not. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t.
I don’t claim to know the answer to that, spiritually, religiously, scientifically or in anyway.
If there is a God, I don’t think He will approve what they did.
If there is a heaven, which they hope they will go as they think they martyr themselves in the name of God, and receive 70 virgins, they certainly are not going to heaven.
If there is a God, then presumably there is also a Devil. I don’t think even the Devil will approve of these terrorists.
If there is no God, then what they are doing is inhuman, immoral and of course, illegal. So they should be punished as such.
They should be brought to justice.
The people who planned this, executed this, supported this or were part of this act in anyway should be hunted down, with malice, with prejudice.
They should be made an example of.
If anyone has ever supported Taliban, will you support them now?
If anyone has ever sheltered Taliban, will you shelter them now?
If anyone has ever sided with Taliban, will you side with them now?
If you say yes, remember this, you are my enemy. You are the enemy of the people.
Your days are numbered. Kill yourself, before the same God or Gods that you claim you follow, avenges those children that you killed.
You are the enemy of God.


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